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We are a leading HR consultancy services in Asia Pacific with 25 years of industry experience and maintain our prime position via a strict commitment to high performance and unsurpassed industry knowledge. We offer to our clients, a personalized service that is delivered with the strictest of confidentiality. We pride ourselves as one of the most ethical and professional organisation in the HR industry.

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About Magenta Wellness

The mission of Magenta Wellness is to enhance workplace wellness and lifestyle. We believe that healthier, energized and valued employees can contribute to a better and more successful work environment leading to high performance. We aim to make premium wellness available, affordable and easily accessible via a collaborative marketplace of partners, companies, employers and employees.

Workplace Wellness

Most people are spending more hours at the workplace.

A recent report that Gallup released showed the average time worked by full-time American employees has ticked up to 46.7 hours a week. Just 40 percent of Americans who work full time say they clock the standard 40 hours a week. Another 50 percent say they work more than that.

In Singapore, the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) labour report for Q3 2015, showed that the average total weekly paid hours is 45.6 hours. Paid overtime hours is 3.4 hours per employee.

It is therefore logical that the wellness process must include progresses made at the workplace.

A positive working environment is key to driving performance and engagement. If an employee feels comfortable and happy at work, they will naturally have a positive influence on colleagues and customers. Encouraging health and wellness in any form (memberships, fruits basket, healthy beverages and foods, health screening, water fountains) can all contribute to a positive working environment that can help prevent illness and boost productivity.

A healthy work-life balance with strong counselling and/or support services can help to drive retention, loyalty and prevent unnecessary absenteeism.

For example, health screenings are also often the first opportunity for employers and employees to discover if they are at any risk of any illness. These screenings can help both the employer and employees on what lifestyle changes can be taken to optimize overall well-being. Early detection can also allow prevention measures to be implemented. Prevention is as important as cure and will help to lower medical costs and prevent the loss of productivity.

Wellness Solutions

  • GP Out-Patient Care
  • Pre-employment Health Checks
  • Premium Executive Health Screening Packages


Pay for only what you consume. Magenta Wellness never charges our clients until services are consumed by your employees. This ensure that you'll never be paying more than what you consume.

No Subscription. No Minimum Employee Size. No Contract Period.

Whether you're a sole proprietor or an SME with 100s of employees, everyone enjoys the same cost savings.With no upfront fees or contract period, we've made it easy for SMEs to subscribe with us.

Island Wide Panel Clinics

With an island-wide network of clinics. Magenta Wellness assures you that your employees will be able to find a clinic that is conveniently located near them.

Goodbye Reimbursements

Magenta Wellness provides you with a single invoice that summarises out-patient visits and medical expenses for the month. Goodbye to countless hours of processing medical reimbursements and say “Hello” to Productivity!